results summer 2011

Overall.  won 4  -  lost 14

Home vs Finchley Manor 3rd Aug

Petr played first at #4, against a decent player. His opponent hit good shots and moved well, but Petr was played tighter and ran faster. 3-0 Petr

Mark played at #1 against a big guy with good shots. I didn't see the game, but it was noticable for the lack of shouting and swearing! Mark went two down and fought back to win 3-2.

I played at #5 against a classic old git with a drop shot. I let him get to me and he won the first two easily. Petr gave me some good advice and basically embarrassed me into not playing shit. I won 3-2.

I din't see Gavin's game, but he won 3-1.

Tomas last on against Derek Bass. Derek is a talented played, very competitive and an absolute bugger to mark. He must have asked for 30 or 40 lets, during the game. Tomas just outplayed him and was able to rise above Derek's annoying play style and my rather random marking. Tomas won 3-1.

Two more games to go, both at home on the 10th and the 24th. We must win them both.

Away vs New Grampians 13th July

Gavin first on desperate to get revenge from the home leg what meant he came in at 3.  Played well first two games of a tight game, for one a piece -with a bit of luck he could have been 2 up.  Then the consistency of the opponent was a bit much to him and lost in 4.  Next time Gavin
Eva came in at 5 after losing a coin toss (we really need a captain in place), didn't see much of the game but the first game was pretty close until Eva said something like "your footwork is all wrong!" or something like that, opponent lost all confidence and, although he got lots of support from an appalling marker he never recovered.  Eva won easily in 3
Tomas next at 2.  Lost the first after slow start, read his opponent game properly and run away with the next 2 only to run out of steam and lose in 5, could have been either way. Ah, an apparently the non-stroke calling was even in this match so we cannot really pin that on Tomas (btw, apparently the opponent went directly to vomit after the game so it might have been a couple of points away)
In parallel Petr at 4, didnt see much of that game but he seemed to have go down in 4 to a hard hitting opponent.
So my game was just a dead-rubber.  Anyway I tried to keep it entertaining against a 20ish looking guy whose Khan in his surname actually came from the right side of the squash history.  Went 2 down in tight games came back to win the third but as usual a bit too little too late and in the telling part of the 4th I was just hanging on the court.  I tried.
 All and all 4-1 and 8 games  won what is a lot better than 5-0 and 0 games won in the home leg.

Away vs Ealing  29th June

We played Ealing on Wednesday.
Gavin played a hard hitting, angry man at #3. I thought he was just too good for Gavin after the first game, but Gavin is very strong and turned the match around, winning the fifth easily.
Alessandro played at #4 against another hard hitter - an Aussie girl. He got 2-1 up, but she was a good player and won 3-2.
I played at #2 against a decent player. I lost the first but had a good chance at 14-11 in the second. I blew it and went on to lose 3-0
Petr played at 5, against another lady. It was a well matched game, with long rallies, but Petr was very solid and won 3-0.
Mark played their #1. Although Mark played well and moved well his opponent had too many shots in the end. 0-3.
Lost 3-2

Away vs Paddington 13th June

Gavin out-ran an old man and won in 4.

I won in 4. You would've loved it, Kev.

I'm presuming Daniel thought that, instead of being on a squash court, he was on the lawn bowls turf outside in the sun drinking shandies. Playing accordingly, he lost in 3. He was also gravely injured at one stage ...he's now thinking of joining a church choir as a soprano...

Tomas flipped a lid and lost in 4. He urgently needs lessons on how to ask for lets that will give him strokes- there was at least a game's worth in there last night...

Hernan was the sacrificial lamb and played a national level (surely illegal ring-in??) young guy and lost in 3. We owe you one, Hernan...

Away vs Finchley Manor 8th June
Went up to Brendon's mob last night. Something of a must win scenario vis-a-vis keeping the Sizzler quiet.
Paul #4 on first, I'm happy to report a 3-0 victory with minimum fuss.
Mark #2 next, played their captain Tim, it went to 5 which in all honesty it shouldn't have. Mark took the fifth 15-10.
Gavin at #5 played Bruce who he had run into the ground in same fixture in the winter league. I think Bruce had recovered but it didn't help, Gavin won 3-1.
Three love up and the match already won - could we heading for a humiliating whitewash for the Sizzler?
Eva #3  "was well and truly out veteran-squashed" to use her own phrase. There may be some truth in this - it did go to 4 tho. I don't think her opponent made a single unforced error in the game - that's gotta hurt!
Finally the big one Hernan at #1...
actually he was a bit sizzled - went down in 4. I think it'll be different in the home match.

Home vs Coolhurst 1st June

Serious local rivalry on show tonight. Although now that Jonny has retired (Iheard last night) some of the friction has gone out of the tie...
On a fun night normality returned. ie. we won (that's normal right?).
On first Eva 'real-deal' Feredoes at #3 and Mark at #1. These matches were spookily similar - but with a critical difference - Eva won...
Mark was playing an older guy with a lot of class, Eva the same bit of greased lightning she'd beaten in the winter league. Both went 2-0 down and fought back to take it to the 5th. Eva, showing tremendous grit hung on for the 15-11 win. Mark just falling short 15-13. Great matches.
Then Paul on at #5 played a rather loud but inexperienced guy. Won in 3
Kevin at # 4 played Pambos who he had lost to in the winter league. I think they both rather dreaded the attrition the return match might bring. In fact Pambos had rather more in the tank this time winning 3-1. This match hinged on Kevin's game point in the 2nd to take a 2-0 lead. We discussed it in the pub afterwards and it won't happen again...
Last on Hernan at #2 who I think was glad to get on court having had a bit of a time of it in the marking department (say no more. It wasn't the decisions). Anyway he dispatched a tricky opponent in clinical style 3-0.
So a welcome 3-2 win.
On to Brendon's mob next week!

Away vs Oakleigh Park, Weds 25th May

Two matches gone  -    
games against     30.     games for 4
ties against          9       ties for    1
matches against   2       matches for 0
Not a nice set of statistics, but they hide some good news:
- we have played easily the best 2 teams in the division - both relegated last summer from Div 2 and  containing  players from winter Div 2 (Guillermo was their #1).
- we have uncovered a hero - step forward Eva. Playing at #5 against a seriously good kiwi (said he hadn't played for years...whatever...). She came back from 2-1 down after losing a tiebreak in the 3rd to win the 5th 15-13.
- Hernan playing at #1 last night played out of his skin and if he had found his volley a bit earlier might have taken the tie to a fifth game and with a moaning opponent with a dodgy knee might have nicked it (actually the guy was really good).
As for the rest of us scufflers:
Tomas #2, Paul #3, Kevin #4  all lost 3-0. We could all have done better but the game scores were no disgrace, and there's plenty of room for improvement.
Tomas played a 2 handed backhand and thus never had any idea where the f*cking ball was going....lost his width ...if you find it please give it back.
Paul came close ...whatever...
Kevin played another old stager who told me after that he once won the champion of champions tournament, eg. a tournament for each club's best player ( ...whatever...)
Coolhurst next - oh my God...we better shape up

Home vs New Grampians, Weds 18th May

Match 1 - Mark

Playing at number 1 for the first time for us was Mark, who was up against very a classy player with all the shots in book.  The match was more memorable for the pushing and shoving rather than the rallies.  Despite a valiant effort, Mark went down 3-0.

Match 2 - Tomas

Tomas was up against a very good player, but someone who Tomas could beat in a long hard match.  Due to the change in scoring (up to 15 American scoring) Thomas didn’t really get into the game until he had lost the 1st and had almost lost the 2nd.  This gave his opponent the comfort zone he needed to close the game out 3-0

Match 3 - Adam

Playing a tidy South African who political views in the post match chat was worth the price of admission alone.  Adam played very well, particularly in a tight second game.  Sadly, Adams fitness (or lack of) meant that despite being the better player technically, lost the match 3-0

Match 4 - Gavin

Playing a petite young lady, Gavin looked like he was still recovering from a months holiday after the first game.  Despite her size, his opponent was hard hitting and had a very good range of shots.  Without his 'A' game, Gavin wasn’t able to make the key stages in the match count and lost 3-0

Match 5 - Daniel

The last match of the night was Daniel who had the pressure of trying to win a single game and he was playing a tall hard hitting player.

 Despite having 3 game balls in the 3rd Daniel couldn’t make one of them count and lost the game and subsequently the match to go down 3-0 as well.

Despite a whitewash, this was a very strong team who played in league 2 during the winter.  In addition, the change of the scoring means that attritional squash will not be rewarded as it is under the other scoring format.  If you re planning to play in the team this summer, keeping it tight and not making silly mistakes is essential to even have a chance in a match.


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