tournament march 2018

The annual Sobell squash tournament was held this Saturday - it was great fun and saw some excellent matches.

Thanks to Sobell / GLL management for supporting the tournament with subsidized courts. The Sobell staff on the day, made us feel very welcome and made sure the courts were clean and safe to play on. 
There's some dreadful photos below that give an idea of how chaotic and fun it was... 


A Tournament:
Winner:  Antonio Petronzio 
Runner Up:  Rohan Plunkett
3rd Place:  Peter Wat

B Tournament:
Winner:  Dean Godfree 
Runner Up:  Gareth Stoakley
3rd Place:  Kevin Nosib

C Tournament:
Winner:  Matt Wheatley 
Runner Up:  Erik Edwards
3rd Place:  Calvin Smith

Thanks to James for organising it - didn't even get a gong!! - see magnificent action shot below.

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