reports winter 2018

17th Jan - Home
Sobell vs Darwin Northwood

Quick match report:

I played first at 4, against a player who looked good at times, but was oddly inconsistent. It was tight match, but I squeezed over the line in the fifth.

I didn't see Richard's game at 3, but he won 3-1.

Rohan's opponent was very good and Rohan went down in 3. Maybe not helped by some slightly dodgy marking.

Their number one was very good - he's beaten Ed apparently. Every shot had purpose and menace. Jack played OK, but went down 1-3.

So it was all down to the number 5's.

The opposition number 5 cheerfully announced that he was injured, but didn't tell anyone because he wanted to watch some good squash and have a nice dinner. No, really. I don't know who was most annoyed, Seb who didn't get a game or the opposition who lost.

Squash Levels (may contains errors)
1.Kris Anwar 3,725
2.Jeremy Comber 3,615 
3  ???
4. Jish Rajani  1,775   
5. Cainan Mustapha  1,790
8th Jan - Away
Sobell vs Britannia

We played our local rivals, Britannia, last night.

I went two games up against their number 4. But when he finally get his head around my lob serve, it became are very hard battle. In the end he wore me down and Iost 2-3.

Richard's guy at 3 moved well, hit accurately and had good disguise, which makes for a nice player. Richard won the first, but lost the next 3.

Rohan's opponent at number 2 was just too strong. Rohan tried all of his range of shots, but lost 3-0.

Jack was ready for his long awaited rematch with Ed and playing very well. Jack narrowly lost the first two. The problem with Ed is that he plays so calm and cool, that he has always got more to give and doesn't seem to feel any pressure at the business end of games. Jack turned that around to win the third, but Ed just came back to win the fourth.

Seb's opponent was very late. That made it hard for Seb after all the waiting around and he lost the first. Seb played really well to win the next two games, but his opponent stepped up the pace. Seb put all his efforts into the fourth. When Seb narrowly lost it, he had nothing left for the fifth, so another 2-3/

We lost 5-0, but all played well and had good games.

These are their squash levels scores, although I definitely think they played in the right order.
Edward Bryan  4,815
Ben Holding  3,575    
Luke Lavender  2,305 
Guillermo Loriente  2,452 
Udi Ngethe  3,189!

27th Nov- Away
Sobell vs Cumberland

We played a very good Cumberland team last night.

I was on first against someone who has beaten me twice this year already. I played well in places and won good rallies, but I gave away too many cheap points at the front and lost 0-3.

Rohan's opponent played 1 or 2 when we played them last, and it showed. He was fast enough to get to Rohan's kill shots and good enough to create a lot of pressure. Rohan played well and nearly won the second, but lost 0-3.0 in the end.

Sebastian's opponent was tall and steady. He just kept getting everything back tight. Seb played well and had some bad luck in places, but lost 0-3 too! At which point Phil was 0-2 down too!

But Phil stayed strong, kept volleying and forced his opponent to work very hard for the win. As they guy tired, Phil got stronger and more accurate and it was all over at 2-2. Phil won 3-2.

Jack's opponent only plays home games - he's got the same condition Denis Berkamp had, just for cars and buses. But he's a good player with great attacking shots. Jack could attack equally well and move better. The marking was bad, but, as usual, Jack handled this with grace. Jack's opponent took the third narrowly, but Jack came back to win 3-1.

We're at home next week to Ealing, who also look good. Save the date everyone, Jack is away!

7th Nov- Away
Sobell vs Charing Cross

Two minute match report

Jack and Phil had straightforward games against players who made too many errors or had few attacking shots. They held concentration to win 3-0.
Rohan's opponent was fast and good and went 2-1 up after Rohan missed a few, but Rohan fought back well to win 3-2.
My opponent was decent and most of our games were tight, but I got tired and ragged at the business end of the games and lost 0-3.
Tim won the first 15-5, then lost the second 5-15! But he kept it together and played well to win 3-1.

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