reports winter 2014

18th march

West Herts vs Sobell I -  Lost 0-5

The first team played West Herts last night. We knew we were in for a hard time as we only had 4 players against a strong team. 
Mike played very well and worked very hard, but lost the second 19-21 to go 2-0 down. He showed his grit by winning the third, but lost 3-1 in the end.
We went down 3-0 in the other games. Jack played very well, Kevin worked very hard and Adam turned up, but our opponents were better than us.

After the game one of the opponents told us he was a big fan of our match reports blog! Paul has put some of the older, more fruity match reports on his website. That is pretty funny given that the match reports were quite honest, particularly about our opponents, with phrases such as 'the toddler spat his dummy', 'good but fat' and 'Cheyne @ 4 was playing someone who has got an eye for fashion.  If anyone needs any advice on dress sense, don't look any further than Cheyne opponent!  His shorts tells the whole story, but can he play'

11th march

Sobell I vs Cumberland -  Lost 0-5

We Lost 5-0


Jack 3-0 – I didn’t see it

Ben 3-0 – He played a Gavin type guy, super fit, tight and some decent kill shots

Kevin 3-1 – I played well in 2 of the 4 games, better player and a lot fitter.

Mike 3-0 /3-1 – Played well and Lost apparently

Adam – 3-2 – Guy just had too much for him, but he was happy that he lasted to the 5th.


2nd march

Brunel vs Sobell I -  won 5-0

The first team played Brunel University on Monday. They are bottom of the table and we did what we needed to win 20-0. Jack and Ben faced decent opponents at 1 and 2 and played well to win, Mike and I at 4 and 5 faced weaker opponents and won more easily. Kevin was playing a girl at number 3 and relaxed a little in the third. I think it got to 12 all. Despite strong support from the whole gallery she couldn't convert it and Kevin won.


10th february

Coolhurst vs Sobell I -  Lost 1-4

The first team played Coolhurst last week.
Mike played  at 5 against a mobile and skillful opponent. Mike narrowly lost the first, but raised his game to win the second. His opponent fought back in the third, but Mike played very well and worked very hard to win it. Mike was knackered but ran everything down to win 3-1.
This was the highlight of the night for Sobell though, (well apart from the cheese board and cheesecake!) 
Ben, Kevin and I all went down to good players 3-0,  3-1 and 3-0 respectively. Jack lost 3-1.

4th february

Cottons vs Sobell I -  Lost 2-3

Just a brief match report: The first team had a narrow 3-2 defeat to city boys Cottons on Wednesday night.

Up first at no.2 was Kevin, playing on court 5 against a wily pensioner who he had already beaten in the reverse fixture.  Kevin started out by employing an interesting new tactic of playing solely drop shots and, while he took the first game, the snail’s pace suited his opponent who levelled at 1-1.  After a quick pep talk (reminding him that the court has four corners) Kev stepped up the pace, started playing some good length, and won 3-1.  Another win at no.2 and Kev maintained his 100% record against players over 65…

At the same time, on newly refurbished court 2, was Mike playing at no.4.  I didn’t see too much of the game, but, from what I did see, Mike’s opponent looked pretty steady.  While Mike had a few opportunities he ultimately went down in 3.

Subbing in at no.5 was Ian.  Again, I didn’t see very much of the game but from what I’m told Ian’s opponent looked like a very handy player (their no.2 told me afterwards that they could have played their no.2 to no.5 in any order) and despite playing well Ian also went down in 3.

I was up next at no.1 against a guy who had clearly gotten out of bed on the wrong side and then forgotten to have his Weetabix. The guy spent most of the match swearing at himself or at Mike (who was a model of restraint for not calling a conduct game after the guy’s decision to throw his racket across the court and offer some choice words/hand gestures). Thankfully we managed to finish the game and I won 3-0.

Playing at the same time of me was Adam at no.3 against Tolu (who I’m told is a veteran of Lambs Squash Club) and a very solid mobile player.  He played well and beat Adam in 3.

All in all, while it’s another defeat for Sobell (it’s not often that Kevin and I will win at no.2 and no.1 and the team will still lose!) it’s a case of onwards and upwards for the local derby at Coolhurst next week.


30th january

Hazlewood vs Sobell I -  Lost 1-3

We had a hard match last week against Hazlewood. 
Jack and Kevin played well against very good players and 1 and 2, but lost.
My guy was potentially beatable at 3, but I wasn't up to it.
Paul went two down before pulling back a game, but lost 1-3.
Richard Bowman fought very hard at 5 to win 3-2.


21st january

Hammersmith vs Sobell I -  Lost 2-3

We had a great set of games last night.

Jack played Will first, at number one. Will is a tough opponent and beat Hanro last year. Jack got to 2-2, but went 14-10 down in the fifth. Jack saved that match point, and the next 3, to win the game 16-14 and the match 3-2. A really awesome performance from Jack.

I played at the same time against a good player at 4. He was fast and tidy, but didn't attack (the front) enough and that gave me an opening to win 3-1.

Hernan played very well against their very cultured number 2, but ran out of steam in the fourth to lose 3-1.

Tony played very well against a hard hitting league veteran. Tony went 2-1 up, but his opponent stepped up the pressure and won 3-2.

Kevin was always going to have a hard game against one of the leagues best number 3's. Kevin played smart, hard and ran well, but his opponent was too much and won 3-0.


13th january

Harrow Liesure vs Sobell I -  Lost 1-4

Sobell I played Harrow Leisure last night.
I was on first against a decent, but beatable opponent. But my poor fitness and form meant I  lost the first, won the second and lost the third. I threw away a good lead in the fourth, but won it the hard way 17-15 and won the last. Unfortunately the rest of their team was much stronger.
Hernan narrowly lost in 3.
Kevin worked hard against an excellent number 4, got a game, but lost in 4.
Ben played very well at 2, he won the second game, but his opponent was too good in the end.
Jack's opponent at number one was too good all game. He was fast, accurate and attacking and won in 3.


10th december

Sobell I vs West Herts - Won 3-2

Hein Lost 3-1, I left when he was 1-2 and 0-4 down. I was already late but felt the writing was on the wall. 

The match was so close, Heins technique up against the other guys blistering speed and wonderful short game. 

The short answer is that Hein ran out of juice. He built a lead in the first looking confident but WH wouldn't go away, saved two game balls to take it into a tie break, Hein eventually dragged himself over the line after saving one himself. In the second I kept expecting Hein to bring out the A game, instead it was nip and tuck all the way to 14 all. Hein had a game ball to take a 2-0 leave as I remember, which might have been decisive but WH held on to level at 1-1. In the 3rd Heins shot selection suffered a bit as he tired, I think also perhaps his confidence. He was starting to blow whilst WH looked fresh, scrambling around looking forward to the next chance to stick in a killer drop shot. Hein has a great deceptive game but as the match developed be wasn't able to use this to kill the ball and his opponent could match him rallying and then had the drop shot to win the point. 


Jack beat the guy that likes to dress like Simon Cowell 3-1.  I didn’t watch the match, but someone told me that he didn’t play very well, but as you know from playing him quite a lot that if you stick at it with him, you can get the job done.


Mike Campbell won 3-1 at 5.  He played the Indian guy that you have played a few times.  He is basically like you, very good on the ball, but to quote Tim, the turning circle of a tanker.  Mike had way to much in the locker for him.


I played at 4 and won 3-0.  However, my opponent wasn’t mobile or quick and after narrowly winning the first game narrowly, Jack came down and gave me a good talking too and I upped it and won it reasonably comfortably.


Ben Played against their usual number 1, who was a bit too wiley for Ben and won in 3.


13th november

Uxbridge Vs Sobell I - Lost 1-4

Jack went 2-1 up against the two times Middlesex Ladies champion. She fought back hard and won 3-2 in the end.
I played a skillful young guy. I stuck in there and capitalized on his mistakes to win a game, but he was too good and I lost 1-3.
Kevin was up against a fast, hard hitting number 3. As always, Kevin played smart and worked hard, but his opponent was too good. 0-3.
Paul played the evenings most entertaining opponent. Paul hit a clean volley winner off the second serve of the game - his opponent told him it was a lucky shot off the frame. When Paul won the next point she decided not to speak to him again, expressing herself only in death stares and angry looks. The game went something like this:
Paul plays a (low-class) reverse boast winner - she gives him a dirty look.
Paul hits a cross court winner  - she gives him a dirty look
Paul asks for a bullshit let  - she gives him a dirty look
Paul asks for a clear stoke  - she gives him a dirty look
Paul didn't let any of this bother him. He just played good squash and, after a few wobbles, won 3-1.

Ben played well at number 1, but his opponent was just a bit better and Ben went down 0-3


5th november

Sobell I Vs Coolhurst - Lost 1-4

The first team lost 4-1 to local rivals Coolhurst last night. Hanro destroyed his opponent in 3, Kevin's won his first game 28-26, but lost the next 3. The rest of us lost.


22nd october

Sobell 2 Vs BA  - Won 3-2

First on court was Rohan at Number 1:
His opponent was a steady player, good a gathering with a good up and down game. Rohan started to get into his game playing his familiar brand of tricky squash, however it soon became clear that his normally consistant tight game wasn't quite singing and his short boasts and nicks were picked up by a mobile opponent and the point put to the sword. In the absence of tight shots the game went to BA 3-0
Second on was me at number 4:
I played a mature seasoned player but felt confident that i could do the required job for the team. I picked up the first game and felt good, there were a couple of scoring issues in the 2nd and my usual road rage kicked in and i went down easily in the that game.
I came back in the 3rd securing it safely and i felt i was ahead of the curve. In the 4th my opponent started to play only drop shots which frustrasted me as it was a bit boring. Now i like a good drop shot as well as the next man, but i do like to play a little squash in between them. I couldn't really get going in this game and lost it, still at 2-2 i felt that there was no way i could loose.
In the last once again a couple of decisions went against me and instead of moving on my head went down and i lost easily ie 2-3.
Third on was Richard at number 3:
A solid captains performance

Playing a young pretender Richard played some very tight squash. I marked this one and it was how i like to see squash played. Both players clearing the ball once played and if possible playing the ball rather than calling  a dodgy let or stroke ( i wish my game had gone like that) I don't think that i had to make one 50-50 decision. The rhythm of the game was soon set and Richard's opponent just couldn't cope with his tight squash and while both players were very quick and mobile the width and length of Richard's shots set them apart. A well earned 3-0 win
Fourth up was Robin at 5:
I didn't see this game as i was marking a game. From what i was advise Robin played out a hard fought 3-2 victory. Sorry for the briefness of this report
Last up with the game finely balanced at 2-2 was Tim at number 2:
Was this going to be Tim's finest hour or a dark day in hell. Again i only saw a little of this game. Tim started off brightly taking the first game and following up with the next two, get in there Tim. Well done, he held his nerve under pressure and brought the victory home.

2nd october

Southgate vs Sobell 2  - Won 3-2

Firstly myself (Rich Bo) at Number 4 in what can only be described as a bad day at the office. I knew I was in trouble in the warm up when the ball wasn't taking the line and I couldn't work out why (everyones nightmare)
I started by scrambling a win in the first game, more by drop shots as my line game was so poor however, as the game went on I tried and tried to get a tight line but it wasn't happening and my opponent kept picking the wide balls up and dropping them.
Although I believe I was the better player you can't win if your not hitting the line I went down 3-1.
Next up was Robin with his familiar tight power game at number 5, he was far too much for his opponent his consistency as always was spot on. His opponent was never going to have enough in his game to deal with it and Robin won I believe 3-0.
Next on was Tim at 3, playing a young runner. His opponent was extremely athletic and full of running, however did not have a particularly tight game.  Tim picked him off by waiting for the loose ball (which came far to often) and punishing it in Tim's style with a tight low drive. It was like watching OB1 with a young skywalker.
 The final result in this game was I think 3-0
Next on was Richard at number 2. His opponent was a seasoned player with lots of good shots and Richard set about chasing them down and wearing his opponent slowly out. With Richard 2-1 up  his opponent appeared to get injured, this may have been to spare his blushes ( I normally blame the ref at this point) knowing that the end was nigh. Richard was ultimately to mobile for his opponent and always pushed him to play another shot. He won 3-1
Last but not least was Rohan at number 1, he started off at a canter hurrying around the court and attempting to play very tight shots, however he hurried a little too much and was not his clinical self, his opponent had a very consistent game and picked all the loose drops and flicks up, Rohan hit the tin far too many times, he in part blew himself out in the first game and struggled after that. His opponent was a very good and consistent player, Rohan would have needed to be right on his game to beat him and he wasn't he went down 3-0.
We won 3-2 on the night, so we are off to winning ways, the next game is on Wednesday at the Sobell

1st october

Ealing vs Sobell 1  - Lost 2-3

At 7 o'clock yesterday I was feeling very pleased with the quality of our team. By 10 o'clock, I was still feeling pleased with our team, but I'd also remembered how hard winter squash is.

Kevin played first against a guy who knew his way around the court and could kill it in all 4 corners. Kevin lost the first, but started to disrupt his opponents drops with tight, fast drives. Kevin won the second, but the Ealing guy fought back and won 3-2 in the end.

Hanro was on top form against an attacking opponent. This led to a short but entertaining game with none of that boring rallying stuff. Both players were creating angles and attacking nicks almost every shot, as well as picking up tight shots brilliantly. Hanro was just a bit better at all of it and won 3-0 quite comfortably.

Jack played Ealing's strong number 3, in game I didn't see. Jack went 2 down, won the third, but ultimately lost 3-1.

I was playing a super fast 17 year old. He looked great during the warm up, but in the game his shots weren't very threatening. But his pace was frightening, he could get almost anything. I played OK, but he won the first 2. In the third I had a chance as he started to get cramp, I pushed him hard but lost 3-0.

Hein played last against Ealing's very strong number 1, Clive.Both players took the ball early and hit it beautifully. Hein took an early lead, but Clive put on an impressive comeback to win the first. It was a really high quality match - perhaps the best I've ever seen in a team game. Hein built up the pressure in each game. They were very tight, but Hein took a lead in each and refused to give it up, winning 3-1 in the end.

Overall we lost 2-3, but picked up 9 points.

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