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16th Oct - Home
Sobell vs Stormont

Last night Sobell faced off against Stormont in our first home match of the season.

I was up first playing at no.1 against a quick tricky opponent. During first game it became clear that he was able to exploit the one flaw in my game (namely not being very good at squash). Using this savvy gameplan he was able to take the first and third. Despite a pretty abject display, I was able to take it to five but ended up losing 15-13 in the fifth. Overall losing: 5-15, 15-6, 9-15, 15-10, 13-15.

On at the same time was Ali playing at no3 against an opponent who was totally out of his depth. Ali showed him no mercy winning 3-0: 15-3, 15-5, 15-3.

Matt, playing at no.5 followed Ali on court playing an unorthodox but limited opponent. After the first game it looked like it would be plain sailing. Matt's opponent rallied in the second to squeeze it out but had plainly put a bit too much into the game and Matt's running proved the difference as Matt won in four: 15-8 12-15 15-8 15-4

Seb, playing at no.4 followed me on court 4. Seb was playing an experienced and surprisingly mobile over 65 player who had the odd shot to trouble him. Ultimately, however, while the first game was competitive, Seb's movement was too good and (aided by one or two questionable calls from upstairs) Seb won in three: 15-10, 15-5, 15-4

Finally, with the game secure, Rohan went on court at no.2 playing a strong, quick player. Clearly realising that everyone was keen to get away for the post-match meal, Rohan decided to adopt the unusual tactic of trying to hit as many shots as he could into the tin. His opponent also threw in a few mistakes to keep it close at the start, but Rohan was determined to win the "who can make the most errors" competition that up until now I believed I'd secured in my own game. Ultimately it was a fairly short game, Rohan going down in three: 8-15, 10-15, 7-15.

A hard fought 3-2 victory sees Sobell up and running. The next game is in two weeks at home against Oakleigh park. 

7th Oct - Away
Sobell vs Uxbridge

While some things may be gone for good (VHS tapes, faith in politicians, a successful Man Utd side...) the Sobell match report is not one of them - it's back and it's better broadly the same as ever.

Sobell made the trip across London to play Uxbridge on 7 October in the first match of the winter league. Up first was Ali at no.3 taking on a former no.1 player whose tactic was to hit the ball as hard as he could on every shot and, if that did not work, to try and hit it even harder. Playing on slow unresponsive courts, this tactic seemed to fluster Ali in the first game and he lost it 15-17. Phil then gave Ali a pep talk which worked a treat as Ali lost 9-15. Ali then woke up and started hitting his length, taking the next two 16-14 and 15-11 to force a decider. Ultimately, however, his opponent managed to build a big lead in the fifth and took it 15-6 for a 3-2 Sobell defeat.

On the other court was Paul at no.5 playing Lisa, a player who has beaten a number of Sobell players in the past. Paul was no different unfortunately, succumbing to a 3-0 defeat 7-15, 8-15, 9-15.

Seb, playing at no.5, followed Paul on court and, just as swiftly, followed him off court - his opponent's touch was excellent and Seb could not get anything going losing 3-0: 9-15, 6-15, 4-15.

Phil, playing at no.1 had a very easy night of it as his opponent managed to seriously damage his Achilles (and had to leave the game afterwards for a scan). While Phil did his best to try and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory through a number of errors, his opponents inability to move at all frustrated that plan and Phil won 3-0: 17-15, 15-8, 15-9.

I played last at no.2 against a veteran who seemed to have arms that were about six feet long and was insistent that there be no rallies whatsoever. I did my best to make him look as good as possible by combining bad shots with even worse decision making but (after a few choice words with the marker) I manage to cobble together a 3-2 win in the fifth set tie-break: 13-15, 7-15 15-10 9-15 16-14.

All in all a narrow 3-2 defeat for Sobell puts the pressure on to get a first win next week in our first home game against Stormont. If you haven't already, please fill in the form to let Seb and I know when you can play.

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