reports summer 19

22nd May. Home West Herts
Won 3-2

We kicked off the summer league against West Herts last night.

My opponent at 3 was a decent player, his only weakness was against lobs ... which was nice. I was able to take advantage of this and won 3-0.

Sebastian, at 4, played a raw, unpredictable guy. Seb won the first two comfortably, but his opponent changed his game a bit and won the third. Seb had to work hard to win the fourth, for a 3-1 win.

Phil's opponent was an unusual number 1. His movement wasn't great, but he was tall with great reach. Some of his shots were loose, but others rolled out of the nick. Phil was lacking a bit of match sharpness after an injury, couldn't dominate the rallies and lost 0-3. 

Matt played his 'banker' role at 5 perfectly. His opponent was experienced and solid, but Matt had the game to beat him. He played smart, controlling squash to win 3-0.

Rohan was also lacking match fitness. Despite putting a few down, he won the first 2 games. But his opponent woke up in the third and started playing really well - at the same time, unfortunately Rohan was getting tired. In the end Rohan lost 2-3.

Overall we won our first match 3-2 (16-7). We've got a couple of tough away games next. Against Darwin Northwood next Wednesday, who have a strong team. Then Coolhurst the following Monday, who have already beaten Darwin Northwood!

(By the way, I didn't really see much of Matt and Seb's games. Much of my match report, like all the others, is made up.)

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