reports summer 17

12th June - Home
Sobell vs Uxbridge

I  (Adam) won the first two games, then lost the next two and felt very tired, but after tactical advice from Paul, it all came together and I won the fifth.
Richard Bangay had a hard game at 2. Lost the first two, won the next two but couldn't take the fifth.
Christian was far too good and fast for his opponent and won in 3.
Matt was playing an older guy, with a big bushy beard and great shots. It was a tight match, but Matt won in the end.
Phil was playing a tidy player, who beat the BA number 1. It was a long struggle, but Phil won 3-2 (at 10:20!)

That gives us 19 points, so is a great night work. But we need to keep this up, since Charing Cross have overtaken us at the top of the table.

7th June - Home
Sobell vs Ealing

The sobell team had its first team game of the summer leagues last night.

First on was Richard Bangay at 2: As usual Richard moved well around the court picking up most things. His opponent just didn't have the running in him or the speed and Richard took him out 3-0 very comfortably. A good solid start for the team.

Next on was myself at 5. I played a lean looking lady. Straight away i felt that i wasn't hitting the ball well, even so i won the first game, however i had to do to much running to atone for loose play.

I was then taught a lesson in consistent play and as i was unable to hit a straight powerful shot i lost 3 games on the spin and lost 3-1

Then Jack at 1 was on. He played an older individual with some good squash skills, however Jack have far too much for him and picked up everything, which was then drilled hard and low. His opponent just couldn't live with that and Jack won 3-0

Then on to Adam at 3. His opponent was a runner with a strange looking stroke (no wrist movement or elbow bend, a bit like a scarecrow with a broom through his shirt) His opponent did have some nice shots including a nice triple boast. Adam played a steady tight game with some nice touch shots thrown in and rolled over his opponent 3-1.

Next up was Christian playing another lady not as tall and lean as my opponent, but with a more powerful game. His opponent took the first after a lot a squash. She was clearly feeling the pace. That continued for the next 3 games she never really recovered from the first game and Christian won 3-1.

So it was 4-1 on the night. It was really good to get off to a winning start and things look up going forward although availability may mean we struggle with numbers for the next few weeks, so look out for an email those involved with the team. Please respond asap to that, even if you can't step in (Thanks all)

Onwards and upwards, Oakleigh Park next week.

Come on sobell!!!

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